TCEF Senior Scholarship Applications

All graduating Seniors must fully complete and timely submit an application in order to be eligible for the TCEF Senior Scholarship (see link below).

General Overview of Scholarship:

Students are only eligible to apply during their Senior Year of High School at Thrall ISD.

The scholarship must be used within the 12 months following the student's graduation from Thrall High School.

Scholarship amounts will be paid out in two equal installments over the fall and spring semesters following graduation.

Students are required to take a minimum of 6 hours each semester and maintain at least a "C" in all classes enrolled in to receive the second semester installment.

The second installment payment will be made once the student completes the 2nd Installment Application (see link below) and submits a first semester transcript.

Scholarships checks will be made payable to the college, university or school the student is attending.

The First Semester Applications and all supporting documentation may be submitted in person to the Thrall High School Counselor's Office (College and Career Coordinator) located at 201 S Bounds Thrall, TX 76578. Completed applications may also be submitted by email to .


Second semester applications and supporting documentation must be submitted in time to allow for delivery by second semester tuition deadlines. Preferred delivery method for second semester applications is by email to but applications may also be submitted to the Thrall High School Counselor's Office (College and Career Coordinator) if email is not available.

Late submissions will not be considered for TCEF Senior Scholarship award or payment.

Initial/First Semester Scholarship Application

Due date for Initial/First Semester Application is May 1st of graduation year  -- Due to current school closures TCEF has EXTENDED the due date for this application this year to June 1, 2020 (for Class of 2020 Seniors)

Second Semester Scholarship Application

Due date for Second Semester Application is December 31st of student graduation year

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